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An insurance representative you can count on

At Abbott Insurance we help you get the coverage you need AND explain what you are getting, and why.

Claim denied!

One of the reasons I have remained an insurance representative for over ten years is I know I can do a great deal to prevent people from hearing those two words. Unfortunately not all representatives do the same.

If you want to hear the whole story go to the short videos at the bottom of this page.

Trust Worthy

 Making sure clients understand their insurance products and have the coverage they need is a top priority.


Since 2012 Heather has been providing a variety of insurance products and has dealt with many insurance providers.


In addition to being a licensed insurance representative, Heather is a CPA and has years of training and experience she rings to her work.

Waiting to buy insurance until you need it, is like building a fence after the horses escape.

What we Do

Individual Insurance Coverages

(Excluding Home, Auto and Liability)

We offer an insurance needs analysis at no charge as part of our service.

Life Insurance

Including Term life, Universal life, Whole life and Participating life policies. Each of these fulfills a different need and has a different price point.

We are happy to explain the various options. and review the insurance you currently have.

Disability Insurance

One in four of todays 20 year old will be disabled before they are 65.

Personal disability insurance payouts are not taxable.

Your earning potential is your biggest asset, protect it.

Critical Illness Insurance

When you get a serious diagnosis the last thing you want to worry about is money. Critical illness insurance is designed for that type of situation.

Travel Insurance

Be confident in your coverage when you travel.

Coverages for Canadians travelling both inside and outside Canada including medical and non-medical coverages


Medical plan coverage is available for non-Canadians coming to Canada

Health Insurance

Options range from personal coverage, to just an “add on” to group coverages to protect your insurability if you leave the job. You can get a plan that is tailored to you.


What you may not know about insurance… 

Term Life Insurance

What Is Term Life Insurance? Term Life Insurance got its name because of its intended purpose; it is designed to be a low cost, short-term life insurance solution. Term Life Insurance is a guaranteed policy that pays out upon your death. You must be in good health and...

Mortgage Insurance

What do you need to know about mortgage Insurance? Mortgage insurance is offered by financial institutions when you get your mortgage There are several reasons why this is not an ideal type of insurance, but the most important reason is that it may not pay out when it...

Personal Insurance Key Information

Find A Licensed Insurance Representative The most important thing that you should know about buying personal insurance is that it must be sold by a licensed insurance representative. Get A Thorough Needs Analysis Your licensed insurance representative must meet...

Heather has been providing support and advise as it relates to insurance for my mother. The experience working with her as been phenomenal and comes highly recommended because of caring personality. No matter what time of day she has been there to provide the support that I need and I am grateful to be working with her. 

Shawna-Kay Lawrence

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